Here you will find some of my works in a vareity of format and tasks including:

Written Works

I am a versatile writer with the ability to cater to a vareity of audiences and adapt my writing style based on the form of communication. Here you will find excerpts from my professional writings as well as an Academic Writing portfolio and a academic writing spotlight.


As a Computer Science major, I have learned and gained expertise in a lot of languages. Some of my projects are listed here.

Visual Design

This contain samples of power point presentations and other documents with a creative and design aspect to them.


These works have been created for different facent of my life including my academic journey, the positions I have held, as well as a few things I created out of my own interest. To learn more about these, you can see what I've been up to these days.

Contact Me

You are most welcome with questions, comments, or just chiming in to say hi!