Visual Design

Here are some visual design samples that I have worked both indivisually and as part of a team.

Telecommunications Presentation Overview

This presentation was made with my team in a Business Communications Class in the Fall of 2020. We researched the video coferencing industry and looked at certain patterns, along with the impact of the pandemic on growth and competition. Though I narrated slide 4, I helped shape much of the design of this presentation.In order to view the embedded presentation you must be part of the University of Arizona, otherwise you can still view the PDF. This presentation corresponds to the Industry Research Overview document found here.

Starbucks Presentations

  • These three presentations were made with my team in my first semester in the upper cohort of Eller College of Management. Over the course of the three presentations, we:
  • Analyzed Starbucks' narrative by understanding what Starbucks tries to say about itself and juxtaposed it with the companies external narrative. Thus we identified communication gaps with Starbucks' internal and external narratives. I directly contributed to last 4 slides of this presentation.
  • After identifying this communications disconnect between the internal and external narratives, we selected a key issue stemming from it. We identified stakeholders who care the most about this issue using the salienve model and set a communications objective to bridge the divergent narratives. I worked on the first 4 slides of this presentation.
  • Finally, we presented solutions to the issues that we can implement in order to achieve the communication objectives we had set. We based these on clear data and compelling case studies to make sure our recommendations achieve the desired results. I created slides 11-17 and all their content in this presentation as well as the supporting data slides and pie charts.
  • Though I have noted the slides I directly made and presented, for all three presentations, I have chosen the design and layout for many of the slides. Some of the layouts I used, like the slide presenting the Case Studies in the Final Communcation Plan Presentation, were even used as a standard by my teammates for their own slides.

Professional Persona Narrative

I composed this document based on what I learned about myself in from my professional network, as well as how I can become a better communicator. I used multiple channels like the surveys, feeback messages, and teammate evalutations to find out how my professional network percieves me.

Casino Royale Game

This is a game I developed in the Fall of 2020 and am in the process of adding features to it. The game is coded in Kotlin and is made for the Android operating system. The visual deisgn for this game revolves around the UI and UX of this application. I used XML to define constraints for arranging items on screen.

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