Professional Snapshot

Via YouTube:

A quick introduction to my professional persona.

Music: Primavera by Ludovico Einaudi
Performed By: Shreyas Khandekar

Clips Credits:
University of Arizona Drone shots: University of Arizona International Admissions YouTube
HPE Drone Shots: Hewlett Packard Enterprise YouTube

All work including but not limited to the videography, music performance, coding samples and editing is he original work of the creator except where credit is given. This work may not be redistributed after altering it in any form without the consent of the creator.

Softwares Used: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Media Encoder
Equipment Used: Pixel3a (Headshot and narration), iPhone XR (all other shots), Grand Piano (for rimavera)

A big thanks to everyone who helped me shape and create this video!

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