Belief in the value of teams

If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk together.

This quote by Ratan Tata, known for his morals and sincere belief in the ability of teams to produce something far superior than any one individual, really resonates with me. My teammates, peers, and mentors have helped me grow as a professional and as a leader.


You are a joy to work with, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Your ambition and curiosity should serve you well in building the career you want..

- Dr. Michelle Strout

Great student in the top 5% of ones I have worked with. I believe he will be a great leader and will very successful going forward.

- Dr. M Gray Hunter

A great deal of value. Always the 1st to let me know of a necessary correction. Never miss.

- Professor Brent Marinan

Dedicated to success/understanding, Smart, Critical Thinker, Hard-Worker

- Professor

Leading through action as well as through our general conversations

- Teammate

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