How I got here

I am from New Delhi, India and am currently studying at the University of Arizona, double majoring in Computer Science and Management Information Systems – MIS. I was attracted to the UofA because I found this great combination of majors that represented my interests along with a wide plethora of extra-curricular activities to indulge in and contribute to the community. The maximum scholarship of $35,000 per annum was the icing on the cake.

Computer Science

I was placed in the top 20 internationally in Cyber Olympiads at a young age; furthermore, I was exposed to programming and software development during high school which I significantly enjoyed. I have always used my programs to discover real world business solutions: like my Supermarket Inventory project which I talk about here.

Management Information Systems

When I was 15, I came across a book my mother was reading: Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad. It educated me about having a business mindset to make situations work in your favor. Many other such books and articles about wealth management and the technological shift of businesses promoted me to pick up MIS as a major. At the same time, my involvements in debates, discussions, delegations and many such activities exemplified my ability as an initiative taking leader.

Combining the two majors

My decision to pursue a double degree in CS and MIS was founded in the reasoning that as a professional, I would need to amalgamate the business and tech side of any organization to bridge the gap between Ideas and Code. Therefore, with this new “full-stack” of understanding both the IT and the Business aspects of a company, I would be a great asset.

Contact Me

You are most welcome with questions, comments, or just chiming in to say hi!